Ambient Inteligent Work Environment

Project Details

Even though open plan offices are very popular, they are also very prone to loss of concentration and productivity due to disturbances.

Comport addresses acoustic disturbances by providing a closed environment for people to retreat to make phone calls or work. Upon entering Comport, it grants access to the computer that was left behind on the desk making the transition between two work places seamless. Users are identified by their phone, either through NFC, Bluetooth or DECT. Thus, an ongoing call can be transferred from the hand-set to Comport’s integrated hands-free unit.


  • Christoph Diederichs
  • Sebastian Haase
  • Julian Klotz
  • Tobias Buchmann


  • Cinema 4D
  • Model (scale 1:10)
  • Model (full size)


Ideation, Model Building, Technical prototype