Stop Motion Prototyping

Early Stage Animation and Behaviour Testing

Project Details

This project was subject of a workshop “NUI Stopmotion Paperprototyping”, held by Sensory Minds, an agency specialized in large multi-touch applications. The intention was to use paper prototyping to make interaction and behaviour of multi-touch applications experiencable in an early development stage. By using the stop motion techique it was possible to show animation and interaction at the same time in real size.

The concept behind the prototype is based on an Edward Munch exhibition. He used to draw several versions of his images over time and iterate the motif depening on the current social, cultural and personal context. In order to be able to explore the history of an image a user would be able to choose one image from the exhibition and receive augmented information on a multi touch table.


  • Julian Klotz
  • Tobias Buchmann


  • Still camera
  • Paper


Ideation, Implementation