Mobile App to Improve Environmental Awareness and Behaviour

Project Details

Almost every person in first world countries contributes to environmental pollution, but the awareness of the impact is still very small. Despite the existence of services and studies illustrating the overall environmental status, the immediate personal impact is still not comprehensible.

co2mission is a project that is intended to make the issue of greenhouse gas emission easily understandable to average people. Most web services, databases and alike present their data in very theoretical and require pre-existing detailed knowledge about ones every day life and the topic. With co2mission users can track their movement through a mobile phone app and receive detailed information on how much CO2 they have saved by using CO2-friendly means of transportation. Both, long and short distances, can be tracked, allowing for public transport as well as cycling or walking to be considered within the system. The tracked distance and the CO2 emission on this trip is compared with what an average car would have emitted for the same distance.


  • Tobias Buchmann
  • Christoph Diederichs
  • Christian Junglas
  • Sebastian Haase


  • Scrum
  • iOS
  • Ruby on Rails + REST


Ideation/Concept, Interaction Design, Backend Implementation