Ad-hoc Supply

Connecting platforms on the fly

Project Details

Cint’s platform is driven by partners who direct respondents into Cint’s research platform. Ad-hoc Supply makes it possible to connect to the platform without costly and time-consuming API integration on an ad-hoc basis.

This project was particularly interesting as we were able to move the organizations focus away from purely internal users towards recognizing partners as stakeholders as well. As a result, we externalized some of the company’s internal functionality to external parties to let them work more independently.

One of the drawbacks of the ad-hoc approach is that it requires technical knowledge from the users, in particuarly understanding the anatomy of URLs. Through a series of research and experiments, I was able to abstract this problem away, indicating the necessary choices within the UI.


  • Cint


  • Cross functional team: Project Manager, UI Designer, Developers


  • User Interviews
  • Prototypes (Paper & Javascript)
  • Usability Testing (remotely & on-location)


User Research, Wireframing, Interaction Design, Validation