The art of the value proposition

May 24, 2021

Too many websites I visit spend a lot of time telling me why I should like their product or service. But they do very little to help me understand their offering.

Example of a value proposition

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Writing a value proposition is an exercise I love to do. It works wonders to reach a shared understanding why the development of a certain product/service should be pursued and why it is relevant to a market and target group. It also helps communicating it to others.

What should be in a value proposition

Target Group

Whose problem does the product solve? Does it address aspecific group of people?


What need does the target group have and how do they benefit from the product?


The screwdriver, the phone plan, … what is the product? A plain and simple question that is often times so hard to express in only a few words.

Product Category

What type/group of things does my product fall under? This information can help understand a product by comparing it to other products in the same category that a recipient already knows. ”Oh, this is just another kind of tea spoon.”

Core Value

What can the product do? What is it good at?


What products are out there that are comparable to this one?


Why would someone choose this product over that of a competitor?

Try it out and use it

I would love to see this approach used more often in product marketing. Help me quickly understand if I am part of your target group. Help me understand my benefit, …

If I get your product, chances I’ll like it are much higher ;-)